The production of banknotes is a highly complex process with the highest security requirements. The starting point is the procurement of raw sheets, which are produced by special security printers. These pass through many process stages until they are finally "cut" into the individual banknotes.


For banknote production, seamless tracking of each blank sheet through all production steps up to the individual banknote is required. For this purpose, the sheets must be provided with individual codes so that they can be identified and assigned to the respective process step at any time. In particular, manual interventions must also be recorded without gaps. The process ends with the allocation of each banknote to the original raw sheets, and includes all production steps carried out. In this way, the life cycle of each sheet in the overall banknote production process is recorded and, in particular, the whereabouts of defective sheets are also documented.


The SeriSoft GmbH solution includes the complete tracking and tracing of the sheets down to the individual banknote. The coupling to an ERP and/or MES system is also covered.

Neben der vollständigen Track & Trace-Lösung ist auch eine reine Mengenbetrachtung konfigurierbar, welche auf Abzählmechanismen beruht und durch stetige Bilanzierungen über sämtliche Prozessschritte die Bogen überwacht.


The SeriSoft GmbH solution

  • Captures the life cycle of each sheet in the overall banknote production process
  • and documents the whereabouts of damaged arches

To cover the business processes for banknote production at:

  • Government Printing Works
  • Printers / Security printers

Would you like to seamlessly track and document all the production steps of each blank sheet during banknote production?