Identity papers and smart cards

The personalisation of plastic cards with processor chips requires extensive knowledge of the underlying operating systems and applications. Many applications of processor chips on plastic cards are used in the security industry such as in the areas of banking and sovereign documents (e-passport book, identity card, driving licence, etc.). Here, cryptographic algorithms of a high security level are used in personalisation, which often also have to interact with hardware security modules. Basically, the requirements are moving towards increasingly complex multi-application cards, which require a correspondingly modular and flexible software solution for the personalisation and issuing of smart card products.



The SeriSoft GmbH solution covers all necessary processes for a wide range of operating systems and applications, and controls the production and release of products via a defined workflow. The modules of the solution are configurable for new products, so that a future-proof business development is ensured.


The SeriSoft GmbH solution

  • was developed according to strict security regulations of the card market and meets international standards
  • manages your complex production processes based on flexible product management
  • ensures a future-proof business development

For the coverage of business processes in the area of personalisation of chip cards at:

  • Personalisation offices
  • Banks
  • Government Printing Works
  • Printers / Security printers

As a card issuer, would you like to manage your card personalisation, mailings and lifecycle management with just one software solution?