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Cloud & Data Center Solutions

Especially for serialisation and track & trace data, which are generated at different locations, the use of a cloud or SaaS-based data centre is recommended. For example, SeriSoft has developed a SaaS system for the BrandTracker, which is hosted in the in-house IT. All T&T data, such as the serialisation codes from the printers (printing of flat folding boxes), the packed goods at the fillers at different packaging levels or aggregation levels, the shipping information at the logistics companies (which goods go where?) up to the T&T data of the incoming deliveries from local retailers are collected in this central SaaS database. The brand owner receives https and password-protected access to the BrandTracker so that he can, for example, conduct targeted grey market analyses in his internet browser.

Such hosting is also feasible and reasonable for all other T&T applications, working with ISO 27701 certified houses especially for the regulatory markets.