The justified demand of consumers for high-quality food produced with safety and care and the complete traceability of the supply chain can be transparently presented by our software solution.


For this reason, more and more producers are opting for individual coding of foodstuffs, as well as "track & trace" coding at higher packaging levels such as outer cartons and pallets. This allows the flow of goods to be tracked seamlessly from production to the target markets.


In addition, the system can be used for targeted customer approaches, which increases customer loyalty and enables further market assessment.


The solutions of SeriSoft GmbH enable the integration of all service providers for e.g. production, packaging and logistics. The producer receives web-based access to the data, which is provided via a SaaS platform. All necessary analyses can be carried out efficiently and purposefully with this platform.


The SeriSoft GmbH solution

  • Enables the integration of the entire logistics chain from the raw material supplier, through the producer to the retailer
  • creates a digital file for the proof of the high quality of the foodstuff
  • and improves the bond with the customer

For the coverage of Track & Trace business processes at:

  • Production
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Logistics
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Advertising measures

Would you like to be able to show the origin, originality and quality of foodstuffs without any gaps?